Production Bio’s

  • ron_howard

  • Executive Producer – Ron Howard

    Ron Howard is an iconic actor, Academy Award winning film director and producer, and co-chairman of Imagine Entertainment. The son of an Air Force veteran, he has directed and produced, more than 20 motion pictures including Cocoon, Apollo 13, Cinderella Man, Frost/Nixon and A Beautiful Mind, for which he received the Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Director. He is also the recipient of the National Medal of Arts.

  • frank-martin

  • Writer/Director – Frank Martin

    Frank Martin has produced, written & directed 200 plus hours of television specials and documentaries. His work has won numerous awards including three Emmys and the Sundance Film Festival Filmmakers Trophy. His previous project for public television, For Love of Liberty: The Story of America’s Black Patriots has aired over 6,000 times and received the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Documentary and American Public Television’s Program of the Year Award.

  • richard-rosetti

  • Executive Producer – Richard Rosetti

    Richard Rosetti’s distinguished career as a creator, producer and executive in both television and features spans forty years. He has supervised the production of over 100 films and more than 20 series. He currently serves as a consultant to a number of independent production companies and is a member of the New York Bar, WGA and a founding member of the Portland Creative Conference.

  • luke

  • Producer – Luke Ellis

    Luke Ellis is President of Workaholic Productions and has written, produced and directed numerous specials and series for History Channel, Discovery Networks and others. His work includes MODERN MARVELS, BIOGRAPHY, INTIMATE PORTRAITS, PORTRAITS OF COURAGE, EXTREME MARKSMEN, NOSTRADAMUS EFFECT, DEADLIEST TECH, AMERICA: FACTS VS FICTION and numerous other network and cable specials.

  • matt

  • Producer - Matthew Hickey

    Matthew Hickey is Vice President of Los Angeles based Workaholic Productions and a prolific writer/producer of documentary and reality based television programing including numerous episode’s of MODERN MARVELS, THE REAL STORY OF HALLOWEEN, THE REAL STORY OF CHRISTMAS, the Telly and Cine award-winning BEYOND THE BIG BANG, METEORS: FIRE IN THE SKY, plus COMETS: PROPHETS OF DOOM.

  • salter

  • Senior Historian – Krewasky A. Salter, Ph.D

    Krewasky Salter is a retired United States Army Colonel. He holds a masters from the Air War University and a doctorate from Florida State University. Among others, he has taught at West Point and Howard University. His academic projects and publications include: The Story of Black Military Officers, 1861 — 1948 and his role as (guest) historian and curator at the Smithsonian Institution. His awards include the Congressional Black Caucus BrainTrust Award.